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It is great to connect with you here. I have always been passionate about collaborating with people - helping them learn, grow, push boundaries, succeed and fulfill their dreams - be it personal development or in business. This site is my medium to share everything I have learnt so far including skills, resources and network that I have built over the years.

“To women entering any profession, I would say do your homework, do it better every time and equip yourself with information. In Business it is essential to be aware of what is happening in your industry, what your competition is up to and which way your clients are looking. Once you have the right information, do not hesitate to use it to form ideas, and when it is time to present those ideas, do not feel intimidated by who is in the room. Sit at the table, be confident and “lean in”. And if you don’t find the right table, build one of your own. You will find the resources you need here.”

Why this Site?

My hope is for you to visit this site and find resources to get started, enhance your journey and fulfill your goals, whoever you are - an individual or a Business.

The site is structured as follows:

What’s up with Priya is a weekly talk show. The videos will give you insights into strategy, tactics, news and trends from the world of marketing.

Formula-Growth  is a blog space with insightful articles on various aspects of marketing, sales, social media and marketing technology. You will also find inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and thought leaders on their growth formula.

Through my books I attempt to reach a wider audience, share proprietary knowledge and tell inspiring stories.

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Story so far

I am a Specialised Marketing Consultant in the Middle East. I help Businesses win work by delivering high-value strategic bids, for key public and private sector clients. I also serve as an honorary member on the board of a number of startups where I mentor entrepreneurs on vision engineering and marketing strategy.

I started my career in 2004 as a Technical Writer in Tata Consultancy Services, India. Moving to the UAE in 2006, I joined the UAE Air Force and Air Defense in their IT department. In 2010, I joined AECOM as a Projects Report Specialist and scaled up to lead the Middle East Strategic Bids team.

I hold a Bachelors in Economics, Masters in Mass Communication and an MBA in Strategic Leadership and Management. My leadership journey began at the age of 18 when I was elected to be the Chairperson of my College Union.

I topped my MBA batch in the University of Wolverhampton, the UK, while I juggled between a full-time job and a near-term pregnancy.

I am now settled in the UAE with my husband and our two boys aged 13 and 6 who I want to grow up as feminists.

Why I am passionate about Diversity and Inclusion?

I was born into a humble middle-class family where my mother put me into a better school than my elder brothers. She taught me the first lesson about providing equal if not better opportunities to girls giving them a head start in the race to survive and equip them to excel. Using my socio-economic-educational privilege, I make conscious efforts to creative a positive impact on matters of gender diversity and inclusion.

In the long term my ambition is to enable girls and women to become leaders, entrepreneurs and change enablers. For this, I dream of establishing a social entrepreneurship focused on education, capacity building, skill enhancement and setting up a supportive socio-economic ecosystem for women.

If you are interested in joining my mission, drop me a mail at